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Talent Talks - Rosemary Reed

JACKDAW'S JACQUIE LAWRENCE talks to ROSEMARY REED, the creative dynamo from POWTV who devised, produced and directed the series POWER OF WOMEN

JL : How would you describe the POWER OF WOMEN series. 


RR :  It's a very simple but effective format. Two women in conversation. No interviewer. No journalist. Just two legends.


JL :  How was the series devised?


RR : I produced, created and directed 4 seasons of the critically acclaimed  LIVING THE LIFE series for SKY.  The format involved two legends in their field talking to each other, in a fly on the wall- intimate  conversation with no middle person. The Power of Women evolved from this. After filming the first three episodes of the POW, I realised that although the women’s stories were so different they all displayed the same trait. All had overcome obstacles, whether that be class, race or gender. They were all so powerful. I thought they deserved their own stand 


JL : How were they cast?


RR : I cast them myself. I thought it was important to find some point of commonality between the pairs of women because, as we know, we tend to reveal more if we recognise some connection with the person we are talking with. It was an honour to research such rich lives. All of these women are genuinely gifted in their field.


JL : Can you give an example?


RR : I found out that Rose and Sadie had both spent time in a cult and had fractured relationships with their fathers. It was incredible to see them bond on screen.


JL :  What surprises were there with the stories?


RR : I was amazed at how many of the women came from the most humblest of backgrounds. Women like Helena Kennedy QC, who had the energy and drive and determination who became one of the country’s leading human and women’s rights lawyer These women are pure power in female forms and not one of them complained in these conversations about the trials and tribulations they encountered in reaching their success only focused on the positive outcome and the support that they show for other women was over whelming. 


JL : How important is women’s programming?


R.R : I came to television late in life having been an agent and in events management and couldn’t believe how few women there were at the top of the industry and how women’s stories had been marginalised because of this.  Only 13.6% of film directors working in the UK are women, which is 

shocking, isn’t it! Film and television, of course, influences our culture, which is why it is vital to have diversity and more gender equality both in front of and behind the camera," she said.. We need to work to shift this imbalance, and it seems the only way to do this is to be radical, rather than waiting for something to change. I am making  it my mission to mentor young women, to get them behind the camera and push them forward in every way I can. We have to help each other up, help each other be seen and help each other be heard. This is more than my job. It is my life.


JL :  What’s next for POWTV?


R.R : We are about to film the next season with some incredible women.  We have also in production of  POWER OF WOMEN ARABIA for MBC4 which is ground breaking. And we are going global. 

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