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Different for Girls paperback


"The real lesbian housewives of West London"

Enter a world where love, sex, and suspense meet betrayal, cruelty and heartbreak.  A world where the survival of love is all that matters.  A world where being different is the new normal.  Enter a world that is different for girls.

Different for friends
Fran and Cam, ecstatically reunited after a short break, but Cam faces the consequences of a random act she committed during their split.

Different for lovers
Gemma and Jude, new lovers torn apart by Gemma’s fake fiancé.
Just what is it about him that Jude has made it her life’s mission to reveal?

Different for wives
Brooke and Nicola, married for seven years, are threatened by something and someone.
But what and who is it?



‘A fantastically fresh and modern new voice.’
Tasmina Perry, Daddy’s Girls, Kiss Heaven Goodbye, The Proposal


‘Sexy and intriguing. A totally addictive read. I couldn’t put it down’
Heather Peace, actress, musician, Ultimate Force, Waterloo Road, Lip Service


‘A world of love, fun and daring jumps off every page - hugely enjoyable’
Jeremy Vine, Radio 2



Different for Girls paperback

  • Paperback book

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