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Stud Life

STUD LIFE is a rare look at a slice of British urban life, which pays homage to Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and the self-documenting style of Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotape and tells a tale of a multi-cultural LGBT London.

JJ is a Black Lesbian, ‘Stud’. Together with her best friend, Seb, a white gay pretty boy, they work as wedding photographers. Their clients are wide, weird and wonderful. JJ and Seb are both looking for love but in the wrong places. So, when JJ falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Elle, JJ and Seb’s friendship is tested for the first time as JJ has to choose between her hot new lover and her best friend. Seb rejects the flirtatious advances of their local drug dealer Smack Jack as Seb is too busy lusting after a straight-acting man, Manchester Joe, who he found on Gaydar. London-set Stud Life is a sexy, young and cool gay romance taking a unique look at a slice of British urban life.

Director: Campbell X

Writer: Campbell X

Stars: T'Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove, Robyn Kerr

The winner of Screen Nation's Independent Spirit Film Production Award, STUD LIFE is the debut feature written and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Campbell X. The film received its UK premiere at the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

"Sexy, funny, intelligent and provocative, Stud Life serves up a rare slice of black lesbian life in east London." - DIVA
"Sharp, contemporary feel" - The Guardian

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