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Three extremely different women work together to support a friend’s company in crisis. Whilst doing so, they discover their differences may be the key to something successful. Hen, a high flying TV Exec with a ‘just do it’ attitude; Ella, seemingly calm liberal North London softy and Drax, an autistic writer and mother of 2. Nothing in common but their queerness.

Will they be able to navigate their differences, to reach their common goal – to show the world they can build a successful media company which celebrates all things femme? 

Henpire portrays neurodiverse and queer people in a positive light and celebrates the fun and indeed challenges facing these under-represented groups.

Starring Alicya Eyo as Hen, Heather Peace as Drax and Patricia Potter as Ella, with theme music (and more!) from Horse.

Jackdaw Media


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