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Different For Girls 
Different For Girls is a sexy, fresh and award-winning web series following three lesbian couples through a world where love, sex and suspense meet betrayal, cruelty and heartbreak.
This is the world where the survival of love is all that matters, and a world where being different is the new normal. 

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Directed by Jacquie Lawrence, Henpire is a 6 part comedy drama.  Starring Alicya Eyo as Hen, Heather Peace as Drax and Patricia Potter as Ella, with theme music (and more!) from Horse, Henpire is all about queer women helping each other.

Hen, a high flying TV Exec with a ‘just do it’ attitude, reconnects with two old school mates to help a friend in need.  Ella, monied liberal softy, and Drax, newly diagnosed autistic mother of 2, agree to work with Hen, but what is really driving them all?  Now very different women with nothing in common but their queerness, will they be able to navigate their differences not only to solve their friend’s crisis but build a successful media company for themselves? 

Based on a true story, Henpire is an upbeat, positive comedy which celebrates the strengths and shines a light on some of the challenges queer and neurodiverse women can face.

Created & written by Samantha Grierson Schwarz & produced by Pippa Dale, founding Ambassador of LBTQ Women,  you can listen to all six episodes of  Henpire  for free on DIVA Box Office 

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Jackdaw is committed to telling women's stories and is honoured to bring you a series which gives an insight to the lives of some of the most remarkable women of our time.


Take two women. One location. No interviewer.

That is the POWER OF WOMEN. 

Sit back and enjoy a candid, revealing and entertaining chat between women who have achieved so much against so many odds. 

Produced by POWTV.